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Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

just about every hiking trail in Newton County that is close to the river, a creek, or stream, you will find a waterfall. 

Waterfalls are a rare element that stimulate all of our senses. The vision of them cascading of the rocky edge, through a rainbow, and into the canyon below is one that will be in your mind forever. You will hear the thunder and roar of the power of the water, or the quiet melodies of small falls cascading along the hillsides and you can actually smell and taste distinctive fresh clean essence of the water as it sprays in the air. By reaching out and touching these lively waters or letting them pour over you to massage your head and shoulders, you will develop an appreciation for the power of moving water.

It seems that on just about every hiking trail in Newton County that is close to the river, a creek, or stream, you will find a waterfall. Most of them are wet weather falls so they are best viewed in the spring but what an awesome site to behold.


This 225 ft waterfall on the Buffalo National River is awesome site to behold. There are three different hiking trails that one can take to reach these magnificent falls and details of the trails can be found in the "Hiking Trails" section on this website or you can obtain maps and literature from the Forest Service or the National Park Service. The falls are not accessible by car, only by hiking.


These beautiful waterfalls are located on the Lost Valley Hiking Trail and flo from Eden Falls Cave at the end of the trail, which also boasts a waterfall, 35 ft tall. Both falls are created by Clark Creek which flows into the cave creating a waterfall and out of the cave creating Eden Falls. These are wet weather falls and are best viewed in the spring. Double your pleasure on this hike - two falls for one hike. 


These thunderous waterfalls are located on the Cecil Cove Loop Trail close to the Erbie Church across the river from the Erbie Campgrounds. It’s approximately a 2.5 mile hike to reach them and the trail leading to the falls has only been scratched in so it’s not the best in the world, but the rest of the trail is great. You may want to get maps and information for this hike from the Park Service or Forest Service or purchase a detailed book on Buffalo River Hiking Trails which will cover most of the hiking trails and waterfalls in Newton County.


These falls are also located in the Richland Creek Wilderness area so, at the junction of Hwy 7 and 16 at Pelsor, go to Forest Service Road #1205 just south of Ben Hur and turn to the east. You will be following Falling Water Creek and approximately 3 to 4 miles down this road you will come to the falls which are on your right. They are one of the few falls in Newton County which you do not have to hike to and are easily visible from the road. 


From Pelsor on Scenic 7 Byway, turn to the west on Arkansas Hwy 123. Hwy Creek Falls are found next to a small U. S. Forest Service campground 10 to 12 miles from Pelsor. You will cross a bridge over Big Piney Creek and the campgrounds are just a little ways beyond. This is a great little spot for a picnic lunch and just take a break from your travels.




There are two ways to reach these falls which are located in the Richland Creek Wilderness Area. One is the Hill Cemetery Route off Hwy 123 out of Lurton on to Forest Road #1200 then to Forest Road #1205. The other is also on Forest Road #1205 at the Richland Creek Campground but you would turn off Hwy 7 at Pelsor onto Hwy 16 to reach it. On this hike you will have to wade across two pretty good sized creeks, so you are definitely going to get wet but that’s OK there are also some great swimming holes you may want to take advantage of while hiking this most scenic part of our country.



At every access along the Buffalo National River, you'll find a fantastic, cool swimming hole. Take a hike along the river and you'll be able to find more secluded spots, but no skinny-dipping! You're liable to get caught by some canoers leisurely floating down the river or by other hikers. One swimming pool is open to the public in Newton County

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